Take the world’s foremost street racing game, renowned for its still unrivalled sense of speed, style and freedom. Add the ability to race cars and bikes in three all new giant cities versus an entirely new cast of speed-addict characters, from the sexy to the seedy to the smarmy. Enhance every possible graphical detail and line of vehicle-performance code. Where’s left to go?

Believe you us, Rockstar has cranked Midnight Club II well into overdrive with the addition of online broadband multiplay for all three versions - PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. Connect on your system of choice to challenge Midnight Club II players worldwide, burning the competition heat by heat. Or face off in one of the innovative new Battle Modes including a breakneck paced take on Capture the Flag and the explosive Detonator. Intrigued? The newly launched Online Play dedicated area of the official Midnight Club II website explains it all - with detail on each and every mode of Internet action, as well as the basic connection specs you’ll need to get up on.

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