The fun and games are just beginning, only this time you're not sitting at the tables - you own the tables. In a world where the only language that people talk is hard cash, it's your job to fill the casinos with happy punters frittering away millions of dollars. Welcome to Casino Inc, Konami of Europe's first original PC title, and the latest strategy epic from Hothouse Creations.

But Casino Inc is not just about taking the punters to the cleaners, it's about keeping them entertained and wanting to come back again and again. Hiring beautiful escorts to sucker the high rollers into spending millions is always a good way of guaranteeing return visits. Likewise, fixing the slots so they pay out when the casino is at its busiest will do wonders for your PR. Be warned though, drunk punters can become aggressive if they lose lots of money, so some gentle 'persuasion' is often warranted to shut them up.

Do you run a courtesy limo service for the high-flyers? Will you stoop to dirty tricks such as starting fights and spiking drinks in rival casinos? Will you opt to fill your casino with arcade machines for the younger users, or attract the local gambling pros with roulette, card and dice tables? These decisions are just some of the multitude of problems you have to deal with.

Spread over three fictitious cities, Casino Inc. offers players an infiniteamount of possibilities. With over 120 different characters wandering into your casino, 50 different attractions to keep them occupied and gameplay that instantly reacts to the decisions you make, this is a gaming experience like no other. Remember, nobody likes a loser.

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