BloodRayne : An intense action/horror game with a super-sexy, super-lethal, super-natural heroine named Agent BloodRayne …the most deliciously wicked action heroine ever to grace a console game. She's half-human, half vampire and all woman. Raised and trained to hunt supernatural evil, BloodRayne is an explosive force with lethal style, gymnastic dexterity and a lust for action.

BloodRayne provides an intense 3rd person action/horror experience that appeals to a wide audience of gamers. With a multitude of frighteningly evil opponents, the game is fast-paced, frenetic and battle-heavy. All this, in combination with the phenomenal graphics, exotic environments and cutting edge sound and camera effects transport the player to an awe-inspiring, terror-filled world that will make his hands sweat and heart race.

Game features:

  • Sex Appeal - Agent BloodRayne exudes sex appeal, ruthless charm and lethal style. She's got looks and moves that will have gamers lusting for her.
  • Bloodlust - Drink enough living blood and you put Agent BloodRayne into an intensely violent state called Bloodlust where she does much more damage.
  • Supernatural Abilities - Agent BloodRayne's supernatural abilities increase throughout the game and include incredible speed, inhuman agility, enhanced vision senses, the ability to "slow time" (a la the Matrix) and more.
  • Weapons - Agent BloodRayne has silver blades attached to her wrists for which she can gain enhancements throughout the game.

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